My Top 20 Songs of 2012 #1: Hot Chip – ‘Flutes’


Before the release of Hot Chip’s latest album, Joe Goddard of the band (who had just released the first album of his rave-influenced side project 2 Bears), mentioned in an interview the influence of 80s 12-inch singles on the band. This influence was nowhere more evident than on Flutes, the track’s gradually unfurling house clocking in at just under 8 minutes, with Alexis Taylor’s glorious mournful-sounding vocals running over the top of everything.

The vocals culminate in the enigmatic mantra “one day you might realise, that you might need to open your eyes”, but only after some fantastically cheesy 80s inspired dance instructions: “Work that inside outside, work that more. Work that right side left side, more and more”. The juxtaposition of these two lyrics is just one reason why this is such a glorious record. It’s a dancefloor-smash that you can nonetheless listen to alone in your room, with your headphones on. It reminds me of the best New Order singles from the 80s, which is just about as a high a compliment as I could give a single, given my love for that band. It’s also, in my opinion, Hot Chip’s best song ‘Over and Over’. So, go and get some rug, stick this record on and give that rug a good cut. Yes, please!

(the below video comes with a warning: do not watch if you suffer from motion sickness… seriously)


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