My Top 20 Songs of 2012 #2: Solange – ‘Losing You’


Solange Knowles, or as she’s better known, Jay-Z’s sister-in-law (arf!), signed to Interscope around 5 years ago, released an album that was admired, but didn’t sell much, split with Interscope and popped up watching Grizzly Bear with her sister, covering Dirty Projectors ‘Stillness Is The Move’ and then releasing this Dev Hynes (of Testicicles and Alexa Chung accessory fame) penned single on Chris Taylor’s (of Grizzly Bear) Terrible record label (Terrible is the name of the record label – in a move reminiscent of Jez and Super Hans calling their band ‘Various Artists’ to “fuck with iTunes”). Cynics suggested that she was just embracing indie chic to relaunch her career, however the video and the flipping brilliant nature of the single itself surely go someone to dispelling this accusation. Both video and single are such a joy – the video for her fantastically suave and simplistic dancing style and the song for its Prince-when-he-was-good glorioius effervescence.

The single is that perfect pop beast – melancholy lyrics set to a (mostly) upbeat tune, which is almost guaranteed to both pull at your heart strings and get your Elvis-leg swinging. Dev Hynes has come along way from the tuneless hipster posing of Testicicles (more memorable for his pink guitar than for their racket). In a just world this would have been a huge summer smash hit. Unfortunately, this summer was damp, then subsumed by Olympic fever and then damper – it left no room for pop smashes for anything but Korean novelty songs and established artists, like the monolithic, dystopian R’n’B robot, Rihanna. It’s beautiful, simple and deserved a lot better.


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