My Top 20 Songs of 2012 #8: Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Call Me Maybe’

carly rae jepsen

This song is such a throwback to old-school pop, it’s been released in 2012 and she’s talking about someone calling her. Bless. It’s almost so anachronistic, it may as well be called ‘Carrier Pigeon Me Maybe’.

When almost every major pop star was releasing a dub-step track, with results of variable quality (Justin Bieber’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’ is utter garbage – his voice just doesn’t suit the track; Usher’s Climax is freaking amazing – and I’m not just talking about the song… ARF!), a 26 year old cast-off from Canadian Idol was releasing a song so all-consuming it was almost a tribute act to the a great pop song. Even the Cookie Monster covered it, for crying out loud*!

Except, in this case, it really is a great pop song. Ok, so it’s a little bit weird that a song that sounds so teenage (albeit more Olivia Newton John than James Dean), is being sung by a 26 year old, but then again James Van Der Beek was about 40 when he was knocking about up his own creek, so really, who cares? Certainly not me.

Now, pass me the microphone, I’ve just drunk this karaoke bar clean out of Smirnoff Ice and I’m going to NAIL THIS MOTHER.



*this also showcased how brilliant Call Me Maybe sounds if you do it in a Bob Dylan voice. Seriously, try it. Now (props to Josie Long for pointing this out).

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