Inane Thoughts: Diary of a Frustrated Writer

Oh, hello there.

It’s been a while since my last blog. 2 months to be exact. I feel like one of those people who goes on twitter, tweets once saying “hi, I’m just getting the hang of this” and then never tweets again. One of those idiots (or, alternatively, sensible people who don’t waste their lives writing 140 word inanities and/or bon mots that only their friends will read, who will then use those same inanities and/or bon mots down the pub later).

I’m pretending that this indolence is mostly due to my training for the London marathon (done in 4:49:22 – in your face, exercise). In fact it’s just that I began to worry that I had nothing to say of interest and was a rubbish writer, posting insipid nonsense into the ether. Then, yesterday, I realised that whilst this was true, it had never stopped me before. So I’m back. And I’ve still got very little to say that someone else won’t have said in a more erudite manner. I’m going to say it anyway though. Ha!

Coming soon, a review of a popular album from ten years ago.

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