Inane Ramblings: Diary of a Frustrated Writer

O-Town's dream girl

Do doo do doo do dee dooo, do dee do doo, do dee do doo doo doooo…

It appears I’ve become the heir to Tony Hart’s throne, as my inane ramblings on the misogynistic fantasies of O-Town has led to Marc, 34 ¾, sending me his interpretation of O-Town’s magical word-visions. I believe those are the remains of Salma Hayek, following her organ harvesting, to the left hand side of the picture.

She looks like the sort of woman who should be hunting down Kenneth ‘Giving A Bad Name To Cretins’ Tong. If you haven’t heard of Mr Tong and his recent fame on Twitter; rather than talking at length about him and making myself apoplectic with rage, I shall direct you to the full-length interview of him by the lovely Johann Hari, which is at: It provides a link to the shorter interview, which may be necessary for some background on the execrable Mr Tong. I implore you to read the full version, if you can stand to, through the bubbling rage. I had to stop several times so as to bang my head on my desk, in an attempt make the stupid go away.

In the next couple of days I’ll be taking a look back at Radiohead’s ‘Amnesiac’. It’ll take me back to seeing Radiohead perform at South Park in Oxford, with support from Supergrass, Beck, Sigur Ros and Humphrey Lyttleton, which is one of my most memorable gigs, yet the album still lives in my memory as the ‘forgotten’ sister album of the much-lauded ‘Kid A’. I’m really looking forward to revisiting this album.

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