Inane Thoughts: Diary of a Frustrated Writer

So, Christmas has come and gone again, family arguments have been successfully circumnavigated, food scoffed, drinks quaffed, presents opened, quizzes won and lost, far too much television watched, and Oxford commas embraced. All in all another lovely Christmas.

On Boxing Day I awoke to see that the cricket had gone rather well for England. They had managed to skittle the Aussies (I assume this expression is not a literal one, though the mental image of 11 Aussies bodies strewn beside a wicket is rather an amusing one – I imagine Ricky Ponting at the top of the pile, shaking his fist furiously and muttering insults at his fellow players). I put this down to England managing to get Mike Hussey out, a man whose nickname is ‘Mr Cricket’, which seems to me to be an odd nickname. If you had a friend at work whose hobby was to watch and follow the cricket, it would be understandable that some might give him the sobriquet ‘Mr Cricket’; it seems an odd nickname for a man whose job it is to play cricket. You don’t hear of people being called ‘Mr Accounts’, ‘Mr Teaching’ or ‘Mr Administration’. It suggests he has no hobby, perhaps no friends, just cricket, which seems a sad thing. Perhaps it’s an insulting nickname and there is a rich vein of subtle jibes at the heart of the sport. This seems unlikely for a sport that includes a group of men who refer to themselves as the ‘Barmy Army’.

I was supposed to be keeping up my London Marathon training over the Christmas period, but this has been abandoned due cold weather and comfort-induced indolence. This is not a good thing, but if I keep telling myself that I’ll kick on in January, then perhaps I’ll only end up aching for 6 days after the race, as opposed to a full week. Even this will require me to actually “kick on” during January, so the plan is to remove all comforts, so that then I will no longer be indolent. Given that this plan is a little way off of foolproof, I could just get on with it and go out running now. Oh, hang on, there’s another glass of wine on the table in front of me…

Happy holidays everyone!

‘Mr Indecisive’

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